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Financial Law

Financial and Banking Law

Legal advice on financing contracts, issuance of guarantees, project and structured finance transactions, securitization transactions and the sale of loan portfolios, including non performing.

Judicial assistance in structured finance, with particular reference to financial instruments and financial products most negotiated between intermediaries and small, medium and large private and private companies (swap, warrant, cap, floor, contract for difference)

Counseling and legal assistance in relation to bonds, bank contracts (mortgages, current accounts, credit bills), implicit derivatives, commissions (maximum disclosure, inquiry) ultra-legal fees, anatocism, wear, leasing, factoring and renegotiation Of the debt.

Competence coupled with constant updating through publications and conferences has allowed this study to resolve various disputes over structured finance by addressing the complex issues of the most negotiated contracts with businesses and the private sector.

The topics most dealt with are:

  • Statement of qualified operator signed by the customer;
  • Swap renegotiation with the credit institution against the delivery of a new up front;
  • The fulfillment of the obligation to inform the financial intermediary;
  • Assessment of the implicit costs involved in the investment by the intermediary;
  • Concluding swap contracts between banks and consumers at the back of a mortgage contract for the purchase of the first home;

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