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Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy Law and Extraordinary Debt Restructuring.

Bankruptcy Law is that branch of law which studies and disciplines all aspects related to the failure of a business or industrial activity. Bankruptcy is a competitive procedure that can be used, in the presence of certain requirements, when the state of insolvency of the Company is such that it will no longer allow roads to exit the crisis that has arisen. The Bankruptcy Law also sanctions the aspects of alternative bankruptcy procedures, for example: prior arrangement, winding up, extraordinary administration or commissioning, etc … Moreover, sometimes, even if the situation is very critical it is possible Carry on actions that allow business recovery, for example with extraordinary corporate restructuring operations.

A careful analysis of the market world coupled with close collaboration with the business world has enabled over the years to gain the lead in important restructuring operations, completing the rescue and revival of well-known companies whose national press has responded .

The study offers consultancy within the c.d. Corporate restructing, and in particular on:

  • Renegotiation of the debt with the banking class;
  • Collaboration in the field of the drafting of plans attestati;
  • Collaboration in the drafting of plans ex art. 67 bankruptcy law;
  • Asesoramiento and editorial of ricorssi ex art. 182 bis bankruptcy law;
  • Counseling and drafting of appeals in order to access the procedure of preventive agreement;

The studio professionals were also named as legal insolvency proceedings.

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